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Croissants, Macarons and Versailles planters

Croissants for breakfast, Macarons for tea, and Jardinier du Roi Versailles planters for your home.

The top three tips of French Style Classics that Every Parisian Style Lover always follows.

Dedicated to those devoted Francophiles who love or dream of enjoying these basic French Style pleassures, that will remain with you all your life.

Jardinier du Roi proudly manufactures the classic Versailles planters from the Orangerie and gardens of the Palace of Versailles. Handcrafted in cast aluminum in combination with steel and wood, made with a Grateful heart. The touch of distinction of refined French style for your home that you have been looking for. This season it proposes a new range of pastel colors, we'll share more pics and great blog notes as we roll 2021.

Symbol of French stytle refinement, beauty, perfection, and luxury, the Versailles planter boxes are usually seen on many palaces around France, such as chateaux, hotels, public gardens, prestigious homes and boutiques.

If you ever visited France and you have got the chance to walk thru the Orangerie gardens of the Palace of Versailles, or the Tuileries gardens in Paris France, you may have seen that the trees aren’t rooted in the soil, instead they are planted inside this lovely planter boxes, the shape and design of the Versailles planter boxes really steal the show.

The Château de Versailles tree-box owes its reputation to its superior quality materials and unique technical specifications, resulting in an entirely French-made art-craftsmanship piece that lasts up to 150 years.This planter boxes are the best option for citrus trees, olive trees, boxwood, topiary trees, large planters or trees.

This planter boxes comes with the four side panels that can be opened allowing direct access to the soil and necessary care of the roots. It also comes with a special design floor for a good drainage, the growth of plants is enhanced by better drainage and proper ventilation of the soil.

Beautify your world with this amazing Versailles planter boxes, the perfect touch of color, the right amount of French charm and excellence for your home, or business, simply magnificent.

"This beautiful luxury Versailles planter boxes from L'Orangerie de Versailles, are the best choice to beautify your Maison, Hotel, or Boutique""Créez une ambiance idéale pour votre Maison, Hôtel, Boutique ou événement.La touche de couleur et d'excellence, simplement magnifique"

We have many colors and size options for every landscape or decor project, and we offer with very affordable Fedex Air door to door delivery shipping within the U.S.A and worldwide on just about everything.

Jardinier du Roi is the perfect destination for where to buy planters!

If you are currently in the market for a large outdoor planter in United States Miami, Florida, Jardinier du Roi has the best solution available to purchase at an affordable price.

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Are you looking to purchase a large outdoor planter for your landscape project in the United States? Here at Jardinier du Roi, we have a wide selection to shop from.

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For further information about any of our French Style Versailles Planters or Large Outdooor Planters, please visit our website:

Contact us: Jardinier du Roi (United States)

For more information or for specific requests,

please contact our customer service:

Tel Miami U.S.A: +1 (305) 83-44752

Tel / whatsapp: + (54911) 44726757 (Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00

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