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Free shipping Versailles planters, French Planters, planter box, Jardinier du Roi, caisse a oranger, caisse le notre

The prices of our planter boxes, Versailles planters are in u$s dollars, we ship to US.A and Worldwide door to door delivery by Fedex, our prices includes our country SALES TAX, VAT or TVA, and also
includes export customs taxes.

tax free Versailles planters, French Planters, planter box, Jardinier du Roi, caisse a oranger, caisse le notre


online store château de versailles tree boxes, french planters.

buy online best outdoor planter boxes, wooden planter boxes.

If the color you are looking for is not in our color palette, you can now choose any color from the most prestigious brands such as:
and more


We are happy to tell you that we can now paint our versailles planters with any color you may want with a spray gun paint coat.

Powder coating paint is still the strongest paint that exists, but many times as you know is very limited to the existing color palette.


Now we can carry out both painting processes, either with our palette of suggested colors with powder paint or any color on request with spray paint.

You can choose any color among any of the most prestigious paint brands, following the latests tendencies and advices of the top paint color manufacturers, such as Benjamin Moore, Clark + Kensington, Farrow & Ball, General Finishes, Rust Oleum, Kelly Moore, Sherwin Williams, and many more.

How do I place an order for a Versailles planter?



The minimum purchase order is 2 planters of the same size of any of the available sizes we have.


All our planter boxes are custom made to order.

Anyway we usually have a few of them in stock waiting to be painted, and if the size and quantity you want is not available we will make by order for you.


You can place an order through our web site go to SHOP section, choose what you like and then add to the cart what you want to order, and once we receive the order and confirm the availability date, you will receive a confirmation email with all the instructions to proceed.


In order to start your order you should make and advance payment first, by making a deposit of at least 30% of the total amount of your order, and the rest of the payment will be done once we confirm that your order is ready for shipment.


Estimated manufacture time is usually about 3 to 5 weeks depending on the number of planters you want and depending on the orders we have before yours. In case of Wholesale purchases the manufacture process depends on how much work we have, but usually we can supply after the 6 to 8 weeks around 15 units a month.

You have several ways to place an order:


1- To Place an order, Just follow the steps of the “ADD TO CART” process from our web site.

2- By email or fax: Just send us an email/fax with the product of your choice, also ad your
complete delivery address as well as a phone number for Fedex shippi
ng, we will reply this email within the next few hours with all the payment instructions.



3- You can place an order by phone  

Miami, Florida, U.S.A: +1 (305) 83-44752

(+54 9 11) 4472-6757


How can I pay for the Versailles planter boxes?


The payment methods we accept for international orders are, wire transfer to our bank account without surcharge, or you can pay with Paypal with a 5,5% surcharge.


Paypal orders will only be shipped to the customers paypal verified address, once Paypal authorized the shipping, no other address will be used for the shipping.


For further information contact us by email and you will receive full instructions, or contact us by

phone to Miami, Florida, U.S.A: +1 (305) 83-44752

(+54911) 4472-6757.


Do you ship the Versailles planter boxes door to door delivery worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide door to door delivery by Fedex, no matter where you live you will receive your order at your door at the fastest and easy way without any complicated custom procedures.


Before buying always ask us for product availability.

All our planter boxes are custom made to order.

Anyway we usually have a few of them in stock waiting to be painted, and if the size and quantity you want is not available we will make by order for you.


So once the planter is ready to ship and the payment is done and accredited to our bank account, we will call Fedex for the pick up for the next business day.


The shipping time according to Fedex is about 3 to 4 days to America, 4 to 6 days to Europe/Africa, and 7 to 10 days eastern Europe and Asia.


What is your warranty for the Versailles planter boxes?


Our worldwide warranty is for 1 Year and after that we provide Lifetime support.

Your satisfaction on this item is guaranteed, the quality and craftsmanship is great quality, and we guarantee the value of this product.

Here are some important reminders you should know about our policy, please read carefully.

For customers whose warranty has expired and want replacement parts, you can contact us by email,

phone or fax at our contact addresses.



Miami, Florida, U.S.A: +1 (305) 83-44752

Tel: +54-911-4472-6757



Any manufacture defect in materials and/or workmanship not caused by the bad use of the planter for One year.

If appear any factory defected part on your planter we will ship a new part within the next few days by Fedex at our own expenses.

The planters comes with one year warranty against broken pieces, does not cover material or workmanship defects.




You must send at least two pictures showing the damaged piece or failure by email, after received we will evaluate the damage or inconvenience and we will proceed to solve the problem.




Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Merchandise can only be returned within 7 days from received.

All returns must be in original conditions, with unmarked packing painting and with all supplied parts. Will also be deducted a certain amount that will depends on the size of the planter you bought, to pay for the coming and going shipping, taxes, of import and exportation taxes.

Returns must be delivered to our warehouse in Miami U.S.A if you are located in U.S.A, other destinations contact us for further information.

Once there this planter will be send back to Argentina for inspection, all this process may take at least 30 days more or less.

Money will be returned through wire transfer to the customer’s bank account, handling and custom taxes are non refundable, too.

The exchange part is under warranty for the reminder of the original product’s warranty.

Pictures, tech data in our web site, magazine ads, brochures, or demo cd rom may vary from the planter purchased by you without any advice.

The planters and it’s accessories are always being modified to improve them in every aspects.

All products manufactured to order are non-refundable, only the return is accepted according to the terms and conditions of our guarantee only on products that are finished and painted and in stock in our showroom, and that were sold within the same country where they were manufactured. .


Returns are not accepted on products that were exported and marketed outside our country of origin of manufacture.




- Customer instruction: is given by email or fax.

- Installation and set up.

- the natural aged look cause by the weather in outdoor or indoor, as well as if appears rust or discoloration of the painted surfaces.

- Damage for misuse or neglect.

- Damage caused for one or some broken pieces of the planter, or spare parts added to the planters, as well as damage caused by the planter to the owner, gardener or a third person even if caused for a manufacture failure or defect in the construction.

- Does not cover any health inconvenience caused to the owner, gardener or third person involved caused by the planter.

- If the planter was modified or incorporated into other products.

- Acts of God



- By purchasing and or using this planter you agree to be bound by the terms of this warranty.

- The customer accept this terms and conditions, and confirm that this warranty was read, understood, and accepted.



It is important to read the full instructions before use in order to take full advantages of the planter and prevent accidental damage.

Do not exceed to maximum specified load (see specifications), always check and verify the wheels and safety locks where applicable on the product.

Do not use this product at temperatures less than -30 °C or more than +60°C (-22°F/ +140°F).

It is recommended to disassemble the planter for transportation.

If you want to move the planter from one place to another and you have the version with wheels, it's always recommended to verify that the wheels are ok, the wheels are not prepared to move the planter all time, the vibration while moving the planter may cause to loosen or broke the wheels, the wheels are meant just to move the planter occasionally being very careful just a few times a year according to the seasons.

The planter safe locks, wheels and hinges does not require regular lubrication but if required, use a standard lubricant oils or grease.

In the event on the product becoming defective, you should contact us.

JARDINIER DU ROI Versailles planter

Miami, Florida, U.S.A: +1 (305) 83-44752

Tel: +54 911 4472 6757






The real natural aging process of the original cast iron Versailles planter boxes.

From the Orangerie of the Palace of Versailles


We made a blog about this specific question about what to expect of the natural aging process of the versailles planters, click the link below to red the full blog

All the pictures in this blog were taken by us and belongs to the original planters that you can find at the Orangerie of the Palace of Versailles.


Buying Versailles planter boxes is an investment and sometimes before buying many of the customers are worried about the investment and about the natural aging of the versailles planters for outdoor use.


So they want to know if the outdoor weather will damage the planters in anyway, and they also want to know what should they expect about rusted metal parts, or about the life of a wood panel.


Sometimes the customers expect things that are not real and that does not represent the spirit of the original versailles planter, so we usually explained them how the parts of the planters we manufacture are treated and painted trying to follow the original concept but using the best materials from this century.


So the frame of the planter box now is treated with a coat of zinc for all the metal parts, and then it is painted with powder coating, and the side panels made of wood are hand painted as the originals, so sometimes we have to explain that the wooden side panels are not lacquered kitchen cabinets.


So we decided to write a few lines to show to any potential customers a few pictures of the original planters from the Orangerie of the Palace of Versailles to show them that these planters are strong, beautiful and amazing but they are not perfectly painted and polished as a new luxury car that comes out of a factory.


The Château de Versailles tree-box owes its reputation to its superior quality materials and unique technical specifications, resulting in an entirely French-made art-craftsmanship piece that even with the harsh climate from France in outdoors exposure and may lasts up to 150 years, and this does not mean that the outdoor weather won't start immediately a slow or fast process of aging all parts.


These days many people is mainly affected by fake instagram photos showing an inexistent perfections, and if you have the chance to see the hole picture of an instagram post you will find out that a real photo many times also includes a real, messy, unglamorous details that nobody wants to show on their feeds.


When we started building this planters we noticed that the ones at the Orangerie of Versailles were originally made from cast iron, which suffers a lot in outdoor situation, so we replaced 90% of the metal parts by cast aluminum alloy and we finally developed a high end Versailles Planter box using the best possible materials and processes while respecting the original design and proportions of the original planters built 400 years ago by Andre Le Notre the gardener of the king Louis XIV for the Orangerie and gardens of the Palace of Versailles.


Instagram rarely shows the hole frame of a real photo and not always represents real life situations.

Most of all Instagram users spend a long time carefully curating their feeds, adding the right filter, or photoshopped out a not so beautiful imperfection.


So many times the hole picture shows that there's quite a lot of unwanted things in the background.

The natural aging process ads a beautiful touch to this planters and we love it, because this is the way it has to be.


The original planters have the bottom floor made from pieces of wood that sooner or later will end up rotten like its clearly shown here.

In our version of the planters we have the metal crossbar but we made a second layer of a floor instead of using wood we made it of aluminum with many holes for good draining to avoid this issue.


Final Conclusion, this lovely planters are pieces of art that we love with all our heart, we published this pictures with the only purpose to instruct all the new buyers, to let them know what is a real versailles planter because we realized that they were asking for details that does not represent at all a real versailles planter or the spirit of this master pieces.


Symbol of beauty, perfection, strength and luxury, since ancient times, the Versailles tree boxes are usually seen on many palaces, chateaux, hotels, or public places in France.


If you ever got the chance to walk thru the Orangerie gardens of the Palace of Versailles or the Tuileries gardens in Paris France, you may have seen that the trees aren’t rooted in the soil, instead they are planted inside this lovely orange

tree planter boxes, the shape and the design of the Versailles planter boxes really steal the show.


We highly recommend to paint the hole planter once a year the planters specially the wooden panels if they are in outdoor use, and also if the wooden panels are in direct contact with soil, it is recommended to remove the side panels and paint them on the inside as well as outside.


We also recommend to do seasonal maintenance also to the metal parts, such as to the planter safe locks, wheels and hinges, does not require regular lubrication but if required, use a standard lubricant oil or grease.

Our Versailles planters, the natural aging process, What to expect?


Depending on the climate in your area, whether it is very humid and cold or if it is very dry and hot, different signs of the normal aging process of Versailles pots can be expected.


In the case of very dry or hot places with a lot of sun, the appearance of black fungus stains on the wooden side panels will be slower and not very visible, on the contrary, in shady places or places with a lot of cold or snow where If there is little sun, it is more likely that if the wood is not cleaned regularly every three or six months, especially in autumn and winter, black spots of moisture fungus will form in less than a year.


To try to avoid or delay this, we recommend doing what they do in Versailles, which is to store them in a covered place where the weather is less hostile during the fall and winter season.


If you do not have a place for this or do not have machinery to move them, we generally recommend as preventive maintenance cleaning these stains with antifungal and then painting the wooden panels of the pots every 2 years, in dry and sunny places, and in places with little sun or high humidity, repaint the side panels once a year or once every two years if they were cleaned each 3 to 6 months specially during autumn and winter season.


Although we use Rust Oleum North American water-based paint with fungus retardant to paint the wooden panels of the pots, it is inevitable that these stains will appear sooner or later at some point.


The side wooden panels are painted with water-based paint, that is, any type of paint should adhere well to this type of paint. In all types of climates, and mainly with the pots of the original version, that is, the one that comes with real iron hinges, it is normal to see rust lines to form that drip behind the hinges because the paint does not reach to penetrate behind the hinges.

Although the iron column undergoes a zinc plating process prior to being oven painted, at some point you will begin to see some lines of liquid rust dripping down the legs of the pots, as well as on the bottom of the pots where the base of columns meets the iron column.


This can be cleaned simply with a dry cloth and if necessary, a polishing paste can be added to the cloth to remove scratches such as those used for cars to remove these rust stains.


As these rust stains appear, if it is something that bothers you too much and you want to avoid it as much as possible, the best thing you can do to slow it down is to do what they do in versailles that in mid-autumn, the pots are kept indoors in the Orangerie that is roofed and then they take them out in the sun in spring, for normal people who cannot do this, the best thing is once you clean the rust stains, place some transparent silicone sealant in the joint of the hinge with the column Like the ones used to seal any water ingress, and as these lines of rust appear, clean them with a cloth and/or a product used to polish stains on the paint.


In the case of the frame of the pot, that is, the metal structure that is part aluminum and part iron, in case you want to repaint it, it has to be with some solvent-based paint because the water-based paint does not adhere well on the baked powder paint that has the frame of the pot.


For this, you should consult a professional in your area for advice on what paint to try, do a test, for example, on the inside of one of the side locks and then when it is dry, see if the paint comes off when you scrape it off or not, and if it goes well repaint it all.


It is also likely that over time you will see some sign of peeling of the paint from the metal frame of the pots, due to the excessive expansion of the metals exposed to different types of weather.


It can also happen that if a dog urinates on the legs of the pots, the acid in the urine causes the paint to come off where the dog has urinated.


Our warraty clearly explains that we do not cover the natural aged look cause by the weather in outdoor or indoor, as well as if appears rust or discoloration of the painted surfaces.


We highly recommend to paint the hole planter once a year the planters specially the wooden panels if they are in outdoor use, and also if the wooden panels are in direct contact with soil, it is recommended to remove the side panels and paint them on the inside or if possible use an internat liner to avoid direct contact frim the solil to the side panel.

as well as outside.


We also recommend to do seasonal maintenance also to the metal parts, such as to the planter safe locks, wheels and hinges, does not require regular lubrication but if required, use a standard lubricant oil or grease.


You can also see our bolg note about the natural aging process, an extended version of this information with a few ilustrative color pictures.



For more information contact us direct to our:


JARDINIER DU ROI Versailles planter

Miami, Florida, U.S.A: +1 (305) 83-44752

Tel: +54 911 4472 6757





Do not be confused, we are Jardinier du Roi Versailles planters, dedicated to manufacture French planters, also know as bacs d'orangerie, or versailles planters, planter boxes, bacs a oranger and more. 

All the products we sell in our website have our own brand name "Jardinier du Roi" on it, and we do not sell our planters with any other competitor brand name or logo, so if you are looking for any other brand of manufacturer you must go to their own website.


We do not sell our planters with company logos or brands unless if you are the owner of a brand or shop or hotel with an authorization to use it. 


The images shown and mentioned here in our web site, as well as brands and logos of other companies are registered trademarks of their owners. All brand names, photos, models, trademarks, and registered trademarks mentioned in this blog or websites are property of their legal owners and are being used here only for description.


​The use of a mentioned trademark brand names to describe our goods or services is known as 'nominative fair use' this is a non-infringing use, this brand names are mentioned neither to create confusion, nor to disparaging the trademarked product. It is also permitted to use a trademark as a means for comparison. 


​Comparative advertising it is also allowed, since it benefits consumers by providing several options and encouraging competition. It is also allowed the use of similar words associated to registered brand names or products mentioned in this website that have become generic with the years due to their name's widespread popularity, it is a non-infringing use.  These are uses that inform, educate, or express opinions protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, freedom of speech and of the press. ​


By law, you need not request permission to use a trademark belonging to another if it is for an editorial or informational use. Trademark "ownership" is not absolute, you can use a trademark belonging to another person or company if you use the mark for: informational or editorial purposes to identify specific products and services, or if your use is part of an accurate comparative product statement. In other words, the use of a trademark does not necessarily qualify as an infringement if the user is not actually using the trademark as a mark. 


Informational Uses of a Trademark Are Permissible Informational (or “editorial”) uses of a trademark do not require permission from its owner. 


Finally, you are also permitted to use trademarks for purposes of parody or commentary without fearing a claim of trademark infringement.


Using Trademarks for Comparison Under trademark law you are generally permitted to use a trademark as a means for comparison. For example, you could create a newspaper advertisement that incorporates your mark and your competitors' marks in order to describe a difference between the companies. 


A trademark does not mean, however, that no one else can use your word, phrase, or symbol in connection with any and all goods and services. In an effort to promote competition and fair use, the Federal Trade Commission carved an exception to the general rule protecting trademark owners. 

Necessary use of a third-party trademark to describe your goods or services is known as 'nominative fair use'  this is a non-infringing use where there is no likelihood of confusion. 


The fair use doctrine allows a competitor to use a trademarked product name without permission if the use is not likely to create confusion. Nominative use occurs when a business must use a trademarked product name to identify the trademark owner's product. 


The Federal Trade Commission encourages companies to use comparative advertising, since it benefits consumers by providing several options and encouraging competition.


According to the Federal Trade commission, companies can use a trademark owner's product name for comparative advertising purposes, as long as the competitor is not disparaging the trademarked product or its owner and can substantiate its claim.

We welcome any corrections or clarifications. Additionally, if you are the owner of a brand or trademark mentioned in our website/blog and you wish us to stop mentioning this brand name or trademark, please let us know and we will gladly remove it asap if it's in our hands and of course if it's in website at this moment. 

Sometimes listings or descriptions already corrected or removed are still viewable online on search engines because they do not update the information and this listings do not represent the actual information. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us.

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