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Outdoor planter boxes

This beautiful outdoor planter boxes from L'Orangerie of the palace of Versailles are the best choice to beautify your garden, Maison, Hotel, or Boutique.

Créez une ambiance idéale pour votre Maison, Hôtel, Boutique ou événement. La touche de couleur et d'excellence, simplement magnifique.

Jardinier du Roi ®, manufactures the famous French outdoor planter boxes like the ones at L'Orangerie du “Chateau de Versailles” originally designed during the 17th century by André Le Notre, the gardener of King Louis 14th.

Because of the severity of the harsh climate in France and the heavy weight of the trees, the orange planters were manufactured with an exceptional solidity.

These planters are hand made with cast aluminum alloy in combination with steel and the side panels are made of wood.

Inspired by the work of André Le Nôtre, gardener of the King Louis XIV of France, this beautiful planters from L'Orangerie de Versailles are perfect for topiaries and small trees.

Symbol of beauty, perfection, strength and luxury, since ancient times.

Just imagine your own Versailles garden. Beautify your world.

The touch of color and excellence for your home, or business, simply magnificent.

For more information contact us direct to our:

JARDINIER DU ROI Versailles planter

Warehouse in U.S.A

8320 N.W 14 street

Miami, FL 33126 - USA

Miami: +1 (305) 83-44752

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