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Metal planters

Jardinier du Roi ®, manufactures the famous French metal planters like the ones at L'Orangerie du “Chateau de Versailles” originally designed during the 17th century by André Le Notre, the gardener of King Louis 14th. These planters are hand made with cast aluminum alloy in combination with steel and the side panels are made of wood.

Symbol of beauty, perfection, strength and luxury, its perfect for topiaries since ancient times. The frame is made of casting Aluminum alloy, twice stronger and twice lighter and better finished than those made of cast iron. This pot was originally conceived by Andre Le Notre to be transported in winter, that is why our pots have removable wheels in each leg. The columns and hinges are made of steel, and are pre-galvanized and then powder coat painted with oven to avoid rust. The removable side panels are made of wood of 1.1/2” inch treated against rot, with low-maintenance. Almost all the pieces of this planter are painted with powder coating oven that is 10 times more resistant than any other paint. This is the only planter with double floor, with reinforcement crosspieces also made of aluminum alloy that support more than 2000kgs or 4500Lbs, and above the crosspieces there is a second aluminum sheet floor with holes for perfect drain. Clearly the quality of termination, beats any other by far, turning this planter as the favorite choice of kings. All this features make this planter the world's beautiful, strongest, and best choice for outdoor use.

For more information contact us direct to our:

JARDINIER DU ROI Versailles planter

Warehouse in U.S.A

8320 N.W 14 street

Miami, FL 33126 - USA

Miami: +1 (305) 83-44752

Tel/whatsapp: +5491144726757



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