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How to build a versailles planter box with a topiary tree and flowers without filling the hole plant

This is an example to show you how to build our versailles planter with a topiary with flowers without filling the hole planter with soil, just using the plastic pot as it comes the topiary when you buy it from the nursery to help you move the topiary anytime during winter or just to make it easy to move the planter from one side to another just with your hands.

There is no need to fill the box of our planters with soil, you can just put the topiary tree as it comes from the nursery with the plastic pot or better than that buy a larger plastic pot those they use on the nurseries in order to let the tree to grow more, and then raise the topiary tree up to the desired height with a couple of bricks, and use our planter just as a container, then you can put flowers around the topiary tree to prevent the plastic pot of the topiary tree from being seen.

So once it comes the winter you just open one of the side panels of the planter and remove the plastic pot with the topiary tree, this can be done by two people easily. Once your removed the topiary tree with it's plastic pot, our versailles planter can be easy moved by two people by hand if you want to relocate it.

Adding a Liner to the planter

You can also use an internal liner to protect the wooden panels as well as to preserve the roots of the tree. We highly recommend the use of Geotextile liners for heavy weight plants.

Why we recommend this kind geo textile pot soft bags as internal liners?

First of all because the design of this planter is based on that you can access to the roots in case it is needed, so you remove the wooden side panels and you can work on the roots.

So with a geotextile pot bag once you removed the side panel you can also lower the geotextile bag and still get access to the roots.

On the other side if you add a solid liner made of zinc or aluminum, then you will not get access to the roots anymore.

Why Geotextile Pots as liners ?

Better for the environment because...

They are extremely durable because the geotextile fabric is a material designed for heavy use.

It supports great efforts without breaking and does not degrade when exposed to the elements.

They are reusable and will accompany you for many, many years.

Better for you because...

They are light, washable and do not take up space.

They are easy to transplant.

They are cheaper.

They are better for your crops because...

Root self-pruning generates a better colonized bread since it avoids the strangulation that we see in other types of pots.

They provide more oxygenation.

They improve drainage.

They improve temperature control.

Adding a water collecting tray under the planter to collect the excess of water of the irrigation for indoor use.

Adding a collecting tray behind the planter is the best solution to avoid as much as possible that the excess of the irrigation water from the planter overflows directly on the floor, so you can buy any plastic tray where you live for this purpose or you can buy to us a specific metallic zinc tray with exact dimensions to fit any of the sizes we manufacture that will be almost invisible.

We are also developing new accessories, that are not included with the planters, to help our clients with practical solutions.

And in this case we are offering water collecting trays for Indoor use. We are now manufacturing zinc sheet trays for collecting the excess of the irrigation water of the planter, to place the tray under the versailles planters,.

If you are willing to use the planter for indoor use, then this accessory may be the one for you.

For example you may need this accessory, in case you may want to use the planters for indoor use, inside a home, boutique or hotel, to avoid as much as possible that the excess of the irrigation water from the planter overflows directly on the floor.

Thank You,

Jardinier du Roi

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