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also know as Château de Versailles tree-boxes - French planters - Orange tree planters - Large outdoor planters - Wooden planters

Get inspired by our beautiful VERSAILLES PLANTER - PLANTER BOXES to beautify your garden or boutique, inspiring color ideas to help you decide which color will look better in your backyard or facade to make it look prettier than ever before!

Versailles Pallace bulls eye window / FENÊTRE ŒIL DE BOEUF,  or French mirror

Versailles Pallace bulls eye window / FENÊTRE ŒIL DE BOEUF, or French mirror

This is a real French style bulls eye window specially designed and made to be used as a French dormer window for the construction on the roofs for your next French style home project.

Our version It's made of alluminum alloy foundry with stronger thicknesses that vary from 6mm up to 25mm, so its much more stronger and ressistant than zinc bulls eye windows usually made of zinc of just 1mm.

Another benefit is that our window does not get rusted, and its perfect for extreme weather conditions.

The size of this bulls eye window its 120cm Height x 105cm Width and the Depth vary from 26cm on top up to 15cm in the lower part. The estimate weight its around 55kgs / 121 lbs.

The size of the inside oval is 58cm Height x 42cm Width.



The shipping cost by air Fedex economy door to door delivery to U.S.A and AMERCIAN CONTINENT u$s 350.- for  WESTERN EUROPE u$s 390.- REST OF THE WORLD u$s 430.-


Of course you can also use it indoor for home decor and converted into a striking mirror or french dormer mirror, french country mirror, antique french mirror.


Our reproduction of a late 19th-century French or Belgian Oeil-de-Boeuf, known as Bull's Eye window.

Emblematic of the great King Louis XIV period, the grand baroque frame is based on the style of French architect Francois Mansart, whose sloping Mansard roofs incorporated a series of upper story windows such as these.


The bull's eye is a more or less large roof window, with a shape that can be round or oval, usually made of copper, zinc or aluminum.  An ornament intended to be placed on your roof as a bull's eye. A roof ornament  that is original that also ads a aesthetic touch that will harmoniously sublimate your roof.



L'œil de bœuf est une ouverture plus ou moins grande, de forme ronde ou ovale, en zinc en cuivre ou en aluminium. Un ornement destiné à être posé sur votre toiture comme œil de bœuf. Un ornement de toit, c’est la touche personnalisée, originale et esthétique qui sublimera harmonieusement votre toiture.

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