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also know as Château de Versailles tree-boxes - French planters - Orange tree planters - Large outdoor planters - Wooden planters

Get inspired by our beautiful VERSAILLES PLANTER - PLANTER BOXES to beautify your garden or boutique, inspiring color ideas to help you decide which color will look better in your backyard or facade to make it look prettier than ever before!

Leveler and Raiser for Versailles planter - Planter boxes, Accessory

Leveler and Raiser for Versailles planter - Planter boxes, Accessory

LEVELER & RAISER its a new accessory that we just released for the planters that can be added to each foot of the planters, this levelers will be helpful to level the versailles planter boxes perfectly regardless of the inclination of the ground as well as to raise the height up to 2 inches. This accessory its not included with the planters.  


And this accessory also includes the extra weld and thread we must do to the bottom of each column on the foot of each column to ad this piece so it requires extra job for as to make it compatible with this accessory.



Jardinier du Roi ®, manufactures the famous French plantersor versailles planters like the ones at L'Orangerie du “Chateau de Versailles” originally designed during the 17th century by André Le Notre, the gardener of King Louis 14th. These versailles planters are hand made with cast aluminum alloy in combination with steel and the side panels are made of wood.

The shipping cost for this set to U.S.A is u$s 90., for other countries please ask.

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