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also know as Château de Versailles tree-boxes - French planters - Orange tree planters - Large outdoor planters - Wooden planters

Get inspired by our beautiful VERSAILLES PLANTER - PLANTER BOXES to beautify your garden or boutique, inspiring color ideas to help you decide which color will look better in your backyard or facade to make it look prettier than ever before!

Internal geotextile Liner

Internal geotextile Liner

Accessories not inlcuded with our planters that you can add to.


Adding a Liner to the planter.

You can also use an internal liner to protect the wooden panels as well as to preserve the roots of the tree. We highly recommend the use of Geotextile liners for heavy weight plants.


Why we recommend this kind geo textile pot soft bags as internal liners?


First of all because the design of this planter is based on that you can access to the roots in case it is needed, so you remove the wooden side panels and you can work on the roots.


So with a geotextile pot bag once you removed the side panel you can also lower the geotextile bag and still get access to the roots.


On the other side if you add a solid liner made of zinc or aluminum, then you will not get access to the roots anymore.



Why Geotextile Pots as liners ?

Better for the environment because...

They are extremely durable because the geotextile fabric is a material designed for heavy use.

It supports great efforts without breaking and does not degrade when exposed to the elements.

They are reusable and will accompany you for many, many years.


Better for you because...

They are light, washable and do not take up space.

They are easy to transplant.

They are cheaper.


They are better for your crops because...

Root self-pruning generates a better colonized bread since it avoids the strangulation that we see in other types of pots.

They provide more oxygenation.

They improve drainage.

They improve temperature control.


Unlike traditional containers, which cause root circling, our versailles planter as weill as with or without the addition of the accessory geotextile liner promote a process known as “air pruning.”  When roots reach the boundary of the side oanles or to the geotextile fabric liner, they sense the presence of oxygen penetrating the side panels or thru the fabric liner.   So Instead of circling the pot seeking an exit, roots form finely branched structures that deliver moisture and nutrients to the growing plant more efficiently. A larger, healthier root mass leads to vastly improved yields.


Jardinier du Roi versailles planters promote excellent drainage. Excess moisture drains directly through the hole structure, with or without the accessory geotextile fabric liner, virtually eliminating root rot and its associated parasites.


Jardinier du Roi versailles planters geotextile liners are completely free of chemicals, dyes and BPA. They are chemically inert, so there is never a danger of harmful chemicals leaching into the soil.


The price for this accesory does not include the shipping and packing fees, anyway if you buy this accessory on the same order of the planter it will be problay no extra fees for shipping and packing.


Then if you want to buy this accessory alone you must contact us for more precise shipping and packing fees estimation. For example to any state in the U.S.A it should be something around u$s 60 for shipping and packing fees on top of the price of the liner.



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