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Extra large planters

This beautiful extra large planters made by Jardinier du roi from L'Orangerie of the palace of Versailles are the best choice to beautify your Maison, Hotel, or Boutique.

The first original extra large orange planter boxes were invented during the 17th century by La Quintinie and André Le Nôtre, the gardener of King Louis XIV for the château of Versailles, located 25km to the south west of Paris.

At that time exotic fruits were brought from abroad to Versailles, and as the plants were sensitive to the harsh winter weather in Versailles, a giant orangery was built capable of containing thousands of the most exotic trees, like citrus trees and palm trees, where they will be moved to the orangerie to spend the winter season, from November to April.

Instead of stressing the plants and trees by transplanting several times a year from the gardens to the orangery, by planting and replanting these trees two times a year, André Le Nôtre invented a portable extra large planter box where the trees could remain permanently all year long.

Due to the harsh climate in France and also due to the heavy weight of the trees, the orange tree planter boxes were manufactured with an exceptional solidity, as we still do, our orange tree planter boxes are even stronger than in 17th century because we are using 21st century materials much more stronger and lighter with an imporved ability to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

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